"Our food is in the hands of water. Water is life. It’s water that makes crops grow and provide us with food. It’s also water that gives us health. We use it to do everything. Without water we can do nothing."

For Moustapha, 41, from Burkina Faso, water is life. He relies on it to grow food and make money for his family. Since WaterAid began working in his village Moustapha’s life has been transformed. He’s learnt to monitor and manage water levels and is now able to grow a huge variety of crops. He advises others in his community how to do this too. Thanks to water, Moustapha has been able to turn his harvest into food, clothing, education and healthcare for his children.

This harvest, get the whole school thinking about the link between food and clean water. Hold a harvest lunch for parents and teachers, charging a small fee in return, to raise money for WaterAid and help bring clean water to even more communities like Moustapha's.